Giving Thanks

In this age of terrorism, terrible disease, hunger, homelessness, and hatred, we must remember to be thankful.

Tomorrow is the day dedicated in the United States as a day of Thanksgiving. Our families and friends gather together to feast, watch football, and enjoy each other’s company.

However, we must remember those who are not so fortunate. There are people all over the world who are alone, who are hungry, who are scared, who feel unloved and isolated. There are elderly people in nursing homes or in their own homes, with no family around. There are families grieving for those they lost this year and in other years. There are people who just want someone to care.

Please keep them in mind as you enjoy your gathering tomorrow. If you can, reach out to someone who isn’t as lucky as you and just call them or stop by and say, “I’m thinking of you.” You’ll be surprised at how thankful they are, but even more surprised at how thankful you’ll be.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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If you haven’t read my books yet, please check them out on Amazon (search for my name). I appreciate any feedback and/or reviews! Third book (Laurel Falls) in process!

Westwind Drive CoverForever Cover

Karen Kincel – Amazon

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Change changing places
Root yourself to the ground
Word to the wise, well you get what’s coming
One word can bring you round
~ Yes -Changes

So many changes in my life lately! I’m back, though!

  • I have finished editing a 300 page book by an author named David Gatesbury. Look for him on Amazon – he has several crime and mystery novels you might find interesting. Not my genre, but interesting nonetheless.
  • I have been talking to a man I lived with 30 years ago and I broke his heart to follow my career in music. When my beloved aunt passed he wrote to me and we ended up spending hours on the phone and Skype every night, until I flew from Iowa to Florida to seem him again. By the end of the weekend, he got down on one knee and proposed to me (VERY romantic, wouldn’t you say?) Of course, I accepted, having fallen in love with him all over again.
  • Having done all this, I moved to Florida a month ago and we have planned our wedding date for a weekend in May, on the beach, surrounded by friends and family. Most of our wedding will be DIY (much more fun!), and I can’t wait to be his wife!
  • My oldest son is moving here, hopefully to be part of the “family business.”
  • His son is moving here, also to hopefully become part of the family business.
  • I am starting a freelance editing company, so spread the word! My website, will be up soon.

Tell me what you’ve been up to. I can’t wait to hear!

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I have a secret that is no secret…

As a professional woman in the business world, there’s one thing I’ve struggled with all of my career. Do I tell them? Do I keep quiet? What happens if I miss a day of work and have no good reason (to them)?

I’ve lost a job due to this secret. I’ve had countless silent meltdowns at my cube and even more not-so-silent ones in the bathroom or sitting in my car in the parking lot. My kids have suffered. My relationship with family members has been tested (and in one instance, severed).

On the other hand, I’ve become a voice for those who have this secret, too. My childhood, no doubt, is partly the cause of this secret, and I’ve addressed my childhood in my second book, Westwind Drive. I study up on it regularly. I have learned new ways to treat and to deal with this secret. I have educated others so maybe someday the stigma will finally be stopped.

I have bipolar disorder. Not just bipolar, but rapid cycling.

Please, learn all you can about mental illness. Try to understand what we go through on a daily basis, just to look and act “normal.” Don’t keep the stigma going by thinking we’re crazy. We have a disease. Most of us get treated for it. Most of us control it as best we can. Would you shy away from someone with cancer? Don’t shy away from us. We need you, and we need your voice.

Green Ribbon - Bipolar Awareness Angel

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An excerpt from Laurel Falls

As a younger woman, Edith had been stunning in her beauty. Once blonde, her hair had yellowed, with silver streaks. Once red stained, her full lips were now puckered and colorless. Her brilliant blue eyes were now gray and dull. As she aged and began to have health problems, she refused to have her photo taken and refused to look in a mirror. She couldn’t see the inner beauty that came out when she smiled. In her vanity she only saw that she was no longer worthy of being loved.

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What Mother’s Day means to me

I love my mother. I do. Or, I love the mother I had. Yes, she’s alive. Yes, she’s still my mother. But she’s not the mother I grew up thinking she was, and she’s not the mother I envisioned having at my age, as a mother myself.

My sons and I love each other “beyond beyond,” as we have always said, and as I write in Dedications in every book I write. They never fail to make my Mother’s Day wonderful, whether it’s flowers, a homemade card, dinner, or just a phone call to say, “I love you, Mom.”

It’s hard to talk to my mom now. She’s almost deaf so it’s nearly impossible to talk on the phone and she’s too far away to visit today. Her mind is not what it once was, and she refuses to work at making her body work. I know my mom loved me and my siblings. But none of us really remembers hugs, or laughter, or gifts from her. Our childhoods were not ideal, to put it nicely.

When I had children, I told myself I would never allow them to feel that way about me. I would strive to be a good mom and to never fail to let my kids know they are loved with all my heart. I would show them the meaning of “unconditional love.” I think I succeeded. At least I hope I did.

Whether you are a mother, a stepmother, an expectant mother, a grieving mother, or someone who has never been but who wants to be, I hope this day is exactly what you want it to be. If that means relaxing with coffee or tea in the morning or spending the day with your extended family, or just missing your mother who has passed, let it be so. Make the day yours – you’ve worked hard for it.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Spring is here! Welcome, butterflies, ladybugs, irises, green leaves! Welcome, also, cyclists, people walking their dogs (or vice versa), frisbee games in the park, and lots and lots of outdoor concerts!

For me, Spring is a time of renewal. After being wrapped up in heavy layers of clothing all winter, it’s absolutely awesome to feel the sun on my face and sandals on my feet! Truly, I love being outside during the warm months.

The downside? It’s hard to carve out time every night to write my third book. It’s just so NICE outside when I get off work! It’s almost like I can hear my deck calling me, asking me to bring a glass of wine out and enjoy it for a while. I’ve come up with a lot of excuses lately, but the other night I finally got started. I won’t give any spoiler alerts, but the next few books will be centered around a small town in Missouri – like Mayberry, you know? Only one difference. Things happen in Laurel Falls that don’t in other towns, at least not with this frequency.

That’s all I will give away at the moment. Keep watching for more clues!

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