I have a secret that is no secret…

As a professional woman in the business world, there’s one thing I’ve struggled with all of my career. Do I tell them? Do I keep quiet? What happens if I miss a day of work and have no good reason (to them)?

I’ve lost a job due to this secret. I’ve had countless silent meltdowns at my cube and even more not-so-silent ones in the bathroom or sitting in my car in the parking lot. My kids have suffered. My relationship with family members has been tested (and in one instance, severed).

On the other hand, I’ve become a voice for those who have this secret, too. My childhood, no doubt, is partly the cause of this secret, and I’ve addressed my childhood in my second book, Westwind Drive. I study up on it regularly. I have learned new ways to treat and to deal with this secret. I have educated others so maybe someday the stigma will finally be stopped.

I have bipolar disorder. Not just bipolar, but rapid cycling.

Please, learn all you can about mental illness. Try to understand what we go through on a daily basis, just to look and act “normal.” Don’t keep the stigma going by thinking we’re crazy. We have a disease. Most of us get treated for it. Most of us control it as best we can. Would you shy away from someone with cancer? Don’t shy away from us. We need you, and we need your voice.

Green Ribbon - Bipolar Awareness Angel


About Karen Kincel - Author

I am an author. I am an advocate for Mental Illness Awareness and Animal Cruelty. I have two grown boys, a cat, and a horse, err....a Labmeraner (Lab/Weimeraner). I live with my husband in Panama City Beach, Florida. I am in love with laughter, and a mother who would rather die than see my kids suffer. Family is huge to me. Writing is my therapy, my catharsis, my escape. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!
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2 Responses to I have a secret that is no secret…

  1. brightonbipolar says:

    Your post brought tears to my eyes. I understand your pain and fear.


    • Karen Kincel says:

      Thank you brightonbipolar. I think it’s very important to get the proper facts out there. It makes me angry when there is a mass murder or school shooting and the first thing the news reporters say is, “We think the shooter might have had bipolar.” 20% of people with bipolar commit suicide. Rarely do they kill others.

      Keep spreading the word. We’ll get through someday.

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