Just because you’re in IT doesn’t mean you’re smart

I consider myself fairly intelligent, and I’m pretty good with computers (after all, I’m in the I.T. field). But tonight showed me just how dumb I can be.

My laptop cord has been fraying for a while now, but I don’t want to buy a new one because…well, they’re expensive! So, I’ve been using electrical tape to hold it together. I’ve been staying with a friend while traveling for work, and tonight got out the laptop to chill and watch tv and maybe get some ideas flowing for my next book.

One problem. Laptop wasn’t charging. In fact, the battery was steadily decreasing. I tried wiggling the cord. I checked the outlet to make sure it was plugged in well. I unplugged it from the laptop and plugged it back in (do you see a green light on your charger?). Nothing. So I decided to try to fix the cord with a knife and – you got it – more electrical tape.

I take the knife and carefully cut the sheath off of the cord and peeled off layers of electrical tape gunk. My friend is standing there, trying to help. As I get everything cleaned off and I’m about to try to splice the cord, she says, “Wait. Did you turn the lightswitch on by the door?”

Seriously? All that work AND I almost did surgery on a cord and it was just a lightswitch that should have been on? We both got a bunch of laughs and she got a bunch of lighthearted smacks.



About Karen Kincel - Author

I am an author. I am an advocate for Mental Illness Awareness and Animal Cruelty. I have two grown boys, a cat, and a horse, err....a Labmeraner (Lab/Weimeraner). I live with my husband in Panama City Beach, Florida. I am in love with laughter, and a mother who would rather die than see my kids suffer. Family is huge to me. Writing is my therapy, my catharsis, my escape. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!
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