Ferguson on fire

I’m not one to comment on politics or racism, because it’s such a hot topic, but my best friend is in St Louis visiting her mother for Thanksgiving. She and her husband have military backgrounds and concealed carry permits. They are not afraid of much.

I’ve been watching the news about the riots in Ferguson, and out of the blue she texted me. Here is a rundown so far from her point of view.

Her: *expletive* It’s here. Looting and shots less than a block from my mother’s house! Not okay. Scared to death. I’m going to the basement.

Me: Get to a safe place!

Her: That I am.

Me: I’m watching it on the news. Seems to be small pockets of idiots (sorry, but that’s how I feel about people who loot/shoot/riot and ruin their own neighborhoods).

Her: Small pockets of lots of idiots. The city is on fire. 200 at Shop N Save, 50 at Walgreens, 40-100 at Meinike. Just lots of burning sh*t down. Three cop cars and two tactical vehicles engulfed…lost count of buildings.

Me: Yes, that’s what they’re talking about on the news. Protesters have shut down I44

Her: O’Reiley’s, Little Ceasars and several other businesses on fire now. Police car exploded. Tear gas being used but being thrown back at cops. Molotov cocktails and bricks and D batteries also being thrown. Public Storage on W Florissant is not on fire, too. Heavy gunfire on police on 220 – at Canfield and W. Florissant (where Mike Brown was shot). Fire department retreating due to shots fired. Buildings are just going to burn. Aldis now.

At this point I’m going to stop writing what she’s telling me. It just keeps getting worse instead of better. If you’re in the St Louis area, PLEASE stay safe and stop the rioting. Even Mike Brown’s family called for peaceful protesting. For those of you in other cities that are protesting, please honor the fallen by protesting in peace. No more bloodshed, please! 😦


About Karen Kincel - Author

I am an author. I am an advocate for Mental Illness Awareness and Animal Cruelty. I have two grown boys, a cat, and a horse, err....a Labmeraner (Lab/Weimeraner). I live with my husband in Panama City Beach, Florida. I am in love with laughter, and a mother who would rather die than see my kids suffer. Family is huge to me. Writing is my therapy, my catharsis, my escape. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!
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