Where were you on 9/11/01?

Everyone I know remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing 13 years ago on this day. I was working at GE Capital IT Solutions, and my office was in the lowest floor (read basement). We heard that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Everyone thought it was a Cessna or something because we hadn’t seen the news on tv yet.

There was a small library on my floor with an even smaller tv. When we heard the second tower was hit, my first words were, “Bin Laden” even though I wasn’t really educated about the man at the time. Within minutes, at least 20 people were crowded into that library, watching the ongoing news. We hadn’t even heard about the other two planes yet. Fear was in everyone’s faces. People were voicing opinions from fear for the people in New York, the towers, and the responders, to the fear of our financial center being hit, thereby causing a ripple effect of economic collapse in the United States (funny how prophetic that was). Just outside Kansas City is where the Stealth bombers are made, so there was a fear of getting hit here, as well. Many cities were mentioned.

Soon, the loudspeaker came on saying we could go home and be with our families if we chose. I decided to go get my kids out of school and go home to work. What an awful tragedy for our great nation, and 13 years later, we still remember the men and women who gave their lives the day the world changed for America.

Where were you and what were you doing that day?


About Karen Kincel - Author

I am an author. I am an advocate for Mental Illness Awareness and Animal Cruelty. I have two grown boys, a cat, and a horse, err....a Labmeraner (Lab/Weimeraner). I live with my husband in Panama City Beach, Florida. I am in love with laughter, and a mother who would rather die than see my kids suffer. Family is huge to me. Writing is my therapy, my catharsis, my escape. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!
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