Life in general

Well, the new year started out great! My contract at work expired in December, so I’m currently going through negotiations for a new contract (I’m a consultant for companies as a technical writer). I visited my family and left my laptop at my sister’s house (not good when you’re writing a book!). And, to top it all off, my youngest son turned 19 today. Boy, do I feel old!

How is your year going so far? I’d love to hear!


About Karen Kincel - Author

I am an author. I am an advocate for Mental Illness Awareness and Animal Cruelty. I have two grown boys, a cat, and a horse, err....a Labmeraner (Lab/Weimeraner). I live with my husband in Panama City Beach, Florida. I am in love with laughter, and a mother who would rather die than see my kids suffer. Family is huge to me. Writing is my therapy, my catharsis, my escape. I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!
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